Vatican Cardinal: Obama’s policies ‘have become progressively more hostile toward Christian civilization’

President Obama is a “totally secularized man who aggressively promotes anti-life and anti-family policies,” Cardinal Raymond Burke, prefect of the Vatican’s Apostolic Signatura, told Life Site News in a newly release interview.

“It is true that the policies of the President of the United States of America have become progressively more hostile toward Christian civilization,” Burke told the publication.

“Now he wants to restrict the exercise of the freedom of religion to freedom of worship, that is, he holds that one is free to act according to his conscience within the confines of his place of worship but that, once the person leaves the place of worship, the government can constrain him to act against his rightly-formed conscience, even in the most serious of moral questions,” Burke added. “Such policies would have been unimaginable in the United States even 40 years ago.”

In his comments, Burke said it appeared many in the country aren’t even aware of what his happening.

“In a democracy, such a lack of awareness is deadly. It leads to the loss of the freedom which a democratic government exists to protect,” Burke told the outlet. “It is my hope that more and more of my fellow citizens, as they realize what is happening, will insist on electing leaders who respect the truth of the moral law as it is respected in the founding principles of our nation.


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