Deal proposes reforms for Campaign Finance Commission

Gov. Nathan Deal on Monday unveiled his plan to reform the Georgia Campaign Finance and Government Transparency Commission to address conflict-of-interest concerns raised by the current board’s composition.

Deal’s proposal comes after a judge ordered the state to pay former ethics commissioner Stacey Kalberman, saying she was unfairly forced out for investigating the governor’s 2010 campaign.

“Throughout its troubled history – dating long before I took this office – confusion, dysfunction and inefficiency have plagued the commission,” Deal said. “I will propose to the General Assembly for the 2015 session a reform plan that will expand the number of commissioners, add appointments from the judiciary and assure that no public official’s campaign is investigated by commissioners appointed by his or her branch of government.”

Deal’s plan calls for expanding the commission from five to 12 members. The executive, legislative and judicial branches would each appoint four members. Cases originating from one branch of government would be decided by commissioners appointed by the other two branches.

For example, if the commission studied a complaint issued against a judge’s campaign, commissioners appointed by the executive and legislative branches would vote on the case.

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