Georgia Senate Passes Bill to Withdraw from National ‘Common Core’ Standards

ATLANTA — The Georgia Senate on Tuesday passed legislation that provides an approach for withdrawing from the national education standards known as “Common Core” and specifies new protections for student privacy.

Senate Bill 167 helps returns control to Georgia’s citizens by creating an open and transparent public process for the adoption of content standards.

The process will include a 90 -day open comment period and public debate in each of the congressional districts throughout the state. In addition, an 18-member Curriculum Content Standards Advisory Council, composed of parents, university professors, K-12 teachers, and other citizens along with additional working subcommittees of K-12 teachers, curriculum specialists, and other knowledgeable citizens, will review public input and make recommendations on the standards to the State School Board.

The effort will begin with math standards, so that those standards are completed in one year’s time.

SB 167 now heads to the House of Representatives for consideration.

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