Alabama student group calls on university to reverse decision to remove pro-life board

Students for Life of America is calling for the University of Alabama to reverse their decision to tear down a pro-life bulletin board and issue an apology to Bama Students for Life.

The University two weeks ago removed a pro-life display without, saying it was “offensive and graphic,” according to Students for Life of America. The display featured several abortion-related facts, pictures of women who died as a result of having an abortion, and two small pictures of aborted babies, was among numerous other student group displays.

According to the organization, an administrator told the group they were “lucky” to have their display up as long as it was.

The group has retained Alliance Defending Freedom as legal counsel and plan two days of public events to address this troubling loss of First Amendment rights and discrimination.

The activities are planned for Feb. 19-20; details are pending.

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