Ga. Rep. Rick Jasperse introduces Second Amendment legislation

ATLANTA — A Georgia state lawmaker has introduced legislation he says will protect and expand Georgians’ Second Amendment rights.

According to State Representative Rick Jasperse, R-Jasper, House Bill 875 lists churches and bars as private property in state law and would allow private property owners to prohibit people from carrying a weapon on their property. Should the proposal pass, licensed gun carriers could carry their firearms into government buildings that do not have active screening by security personnel.

The measure also allows veterans who receive an Honorable Discharge from the military, but are under the age 21 to apply for a Georgia Weapons Carry License and also changes the penalty for a license holder on a public college or technical campus from a misdemeanor to a civil penalty with a $100 fine.

“This bill will protect our citizens’ 2nd Amendment Rights by empowering Georgians who hold or seek a Georgia Weapons Carry License to protect themselves or their family,” Jasperse said in a news release. “It also restores private property rights and strengthens the integrity of the Georgia Weapons Carry licensing process.”

Under the proposal, Georgians will not be required to be re-fingerprinted when seeking a renewal or temporary renewal license, no database can be created of Georgia Weapons Carry License holders, allows school boards the opportunity and choice to arm an employee under their guidelines and supervision and makes it a misdemeanor for those who unknowingly bring a weapon to an airport who are caught at a security checkpoint.

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