Henry County purchases Tara Field from neighboring Clayton County

With the acquisition of Tara Field, Henry County “has the potential to be a rising star in the state of Georgia,” a Georgia Congressman said Wednesday.

Henry County is purchasing the airport from neighboring Clayton County for $17.7 million. Henry County will only pay $2.7 million; the FAA is planning to cover the remaining $15 million balance, officials said.

“Given its proximity to the Atlanta Motor Speedway and downtown Atlanta, I have no doubt that Tara Field will serve as one of the economic engines and will benefit Henry County and its citizens,” U.S. Rep. Westmoreland, R-Ga., said in a statement. “In these tough economic times, it’s exciting to have something like Tara Field that can inject so much into Henry County’s economy.”

The airport is located in Henry County.

“There are numerous benefits for communities that have up-to-date aviation facilities,” Bob White, executive director of the Henry County Development Authority, said in a news release. “Modern aircraft, including corporate jets, are very expensive to own, operate and maintain. Increased ad valorem taxes for aircraft housed within the county, together with fuel sales and other aviation investments add to the local tax base, while airframe, mechanical system and avionics repair businesses provide highly-sought technical jobs that will stimulate the local economy further.

“The acquisition of Tara Field will help to ‘level the playing field’ with other communities that have already invested in enhanced aviation infrastructure,” White added.

The airport will remain open as it is transition to Henry County’s jurisdiction, according to Westmoreland.

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