Isakson: Government making matters worse

Georgians are “frightened for their jobs, the value of their home, the education of their children and they are uncertain about their future,” U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., said Wednesday.

“As we face the crisis of a $14 trillion debt and a deficit of $1.5 trillion—that’s $300 billion more than discretionary spending, we ought to be talking about debt reduction, deficit reduction and a long-term plan to amortize the debt of this country to a reasonable level,” Isakson said in statement. “We ought to be sitting around the kitchen table in the Senate, just like Americans everywhere have had to do, and reprioritize the way we spend money to begin to rein in our expenditures, lower our deficit and lower our debt.”

Isakson says the federal government is making matters worse through over-regulation and as a result of the skyrocketing debt. As it stands now, the county could hit the debt ceiling by early August, unless Congress takes action.

“The American people want confidence that we will address the debt problem, the deficit problem and that we’re working on it together instead of playing chicken politics in the United States Senate,” Isakson said.

“We have a clock that is winding down on a debt ceiling increase and it is going to be important to this country,” Isakson added. “Without substantial reform of the way we do business, without a game plan to reduce our debt and deficit and without an indication that we are going to work together and have shared sacrifice, there is nothing at all that we can do in this government except cause things to be worse — and I don’t want to be a part of that.”

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