Barnes unveils ethics reform package

ATLANTA — Roy Barnes last week unveiled his “comprehensive ethics reform” package aimed at restoring Georgians’ faith in state lawmakers.

Barnes’ approach includes opening “government to the people,” fighting “corruption and increase ethical standards” and ending “conflicts of interest.”

“The Gold Dome should shine as a beacon of honesty and openness, but we all know that has not been the case,” Barnes said in a news release. “It’s been the home of secret, inside deals. We need to return the Gold Dome to the people and let the sunshine through. I promise to restore confidence in state government by opening government to the people, fighting corruption, cracking down on conflicts of interest and increasing ethical standards under the Gold Dome.”

“The people deserve the Gold Dome to work for them, not the special interests. And when I am Governor, it will,” Barnes added.

Click here to read his entire platform.

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