Deal delays resignation date from Congress

ATLANTA – Well, scratch that, sort of.

U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal, R-Ga., is still resigning from Congress to run full-time for governor, but he won’t be leaving Washington until late March. By delaying his departure date, Deal says he will still be in Congress to vote against Obama’s health care that is currently pending.

Deal announced his change of plans after speaking with Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue. Critics previously said that Deal, by resigning, was making it easier for Democrats to pass health care reform since there would be one less Republican voting against the measure.

“Just two days after I announced my intentions to leave Congress, the majority party stepped up the schedule for the proposed health care bill,” Deal said in a statement. “Having been deeply involved in all health care legislation for the past decade, I knew it was important to stay and vote down this bill.

“Yesterday, as I listened to President Obama’s aggressive push for a quick vote on ‘Obama-Care,’ it was clear that I must stay in Congress and continue to fight against the most liberal health care agenda ever proposed,” Deal added.

Deal previously said his resignation would take effect March 8.

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