What secrets do hotel sheets hold?

Yuck! Do you even want to know what bodily fluids may be on the hotel sheets?

Adventurous travelers who are curious what secrets the sheets hold should check out the Yuckinator Clean Sheet Detective.

“Like many people, I enjoy traveling,” inventor and entrepreneur Eric Knight said in a news release. “But, as ABC News and others have uncovered, it’s hard to know what’s really on bed sheets, pillow cases, rugs or any surface inside of a hotel room. So I was determined to give hotel guests some insights.”

The battery-powered Yuckinator, which sells for $14.95, contains a UV black light L.E.D. bulb and clips on a keychain.

“Whether you’re paying $50 a night for a hotel room, or $300 a night, at the very least you should get clean sheets,” Knight added. “You shouldn’t have to mingle with the ‘activities’ from previous guests.”

For more information, log onto www.Yuckinator.com.

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