New Jersey Democratic Rep. Kim faces Republican challenger MacArthur in 3rd district race

(The Center Square) – In 2018, U.S. Rep. Andy Kim, D-New Jersey, knocked off then-incumbent Republican Tom MacArthur, following a national trend.

Now, he faces a reelection bid for New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District seat, facing off against David Richter, a Republican.

The Center Square reached out to both Kim and MacArthur about their positions, but neither candidate responded. The following responses are gleaned from their campaign sites.

What is your view of tax reform?

Kim: “We need tax reform that focuses on permanent cuts and the needs of the middle class – not just the wants of corporations and the wealthiest Americans.”

Richter: “President Trump’s tax cuts were a good start and helped to spur economic growth, but more needs to be done to help South Jersey taxpayers under constant attack by Governor Murphy and Trenton Democrats.”

What national health care policies do you support?

Kim: “Millions of Americans who live Paycheck to Paycheck are one accident or sickness away from disaster and far too many have lost their health care as a result of losing their job. … We need to build on the Affordable Care Act to provide affordable and accessible health care for all of us.”

Richter: Richter plans to “fight against socialized medicine and work to promote market-based reforms that drive down the cost of medical care and prescription drugs while maintaining the high levels of quality that Americans have come to rely upon for their healthcare.”

What should the U.S. do regarding infrastructure?

Kim: “Roads, bridges, tunnels, power grids, and ports across New Jersey and the country are crumbling and need to be rebuilt and maintained in a smart way. We must also invest in our technology infrastructure to make sure that every community has affordable access to the high speed internet connection that is vital to growing local economies.”

Richter: Richter “will work with President Trump and be a leader in the effort to pass a comprehensive infrastructure bill that invests in America in order to improve our competitiveness and create millions of new jobs. He will also fight to bring federal transportation dollars back to South Jersey.”

What should the U.S. do regarding immigration?

Kim: His website does not include a detailed plan.

Richter: Richter plans to “oppose across-the-board amnesty, seek to ban so-called sanctuary cities and states, support construction of a wall along the border with Mexico, and increase funding for both the hiring of more border agents and the tools they need to secure our borders and keep Americans safe.”

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