Railfanning.org unveils new Memphis, Clarksville & Louisville section

Railfanning.org has launched a new section dedicated to the Memphis, Clarksville & Louisville Railroad.

The section — available at Railfanning.org/history/mcl/ — features an interactive timeline and features about critical moments in the history of the railroad. It also features information about the men who led the railroad from its inception to its demise.

The site will be expanded over time.

The Memphis, Clarksville & Louisville formed an integral portion of the railroad between New Orleans and New York. The Louisville & Nashville purchased the railroad in 1871 and operated it as part of its Memphis Branch for more than a century.

Many histories mention the Memphis, Clarksville & Louisville Railroad. However, those mentions tend to be brief, and few records of the railroad seem to exist; many accounts of the line are incomplete.

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