Highlights from Kemp’s State of the State Address

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp this week delivered his second State of the State Address before a joint session of the Georgia General Assembly.

Kemp reflected on the success of his first year in office and outlined his priorities for the coming year. Here are some highlights of coverage compiled by Kemp’s public relations team:

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Gov. Brian Kemp warned about the plight of victims of sex trafficking and the dangers of gang violence. He blasted soaring costs from a “rigged” health care system. And he promised another pay bump for Georgia’s public school teachers.”

Georgia Association of Educational Leaders (GAEL): “Essentially, Governor Kemp doubled down on public education and the workforce of his public education system for the economic future of all of Georgia. I don’t think this is too strong of a statement: He put his faith in US, and he put his budget priorities in the 1.8 million children and their teachers in GA’s public schools. I am writing this to you today because I believe it is vital that we grasp how big of a push it was that the Governor made today for public education.”

WTOC: “A big moment during the State of the State address Thursday was dedicated to Senator Johnny Isakson. The governor committed to creating the Johnny Isakson Professorship for Parkinson’s Research at the University of Georgia. The governor hopes this position will bring advancement to treatment, quality of life and eventually a cure.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Decrying a ‘rigged’ system, Kemp backed legislation that would bring more transparency in healthcare billing and combat “surprise” bills that have fast become a target of lawmakers.”

WABE: “Echoing another campaign promise, Kemp outlined a plan for adoption reform, through a tripling of the adoption tax credit to $6,000 and lowering the legal adoption age from 25 to 21. He also announced the creation of a Families First Commission to study the foster care system.”

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