Rumsfeld: America is ‘Not What’s Wrong With the World’

Freedom and democracy are what works in the world, and the enemies in the war on terror have hijacked the Islamic faith to promote their own violent agenda and paint a negative picture of America and other free nations, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said here today.

ABH: Commandments rule bucked in Barrow

Four months after Barrow County paid $150,000 in legal fees and agreed to take down a Ten Commandments display to end an American Civil Liberties Union-backed lawsuit, other copies of the Judeo-Christian doctrine were hanging in a public part of the same courthouse this week.

ABH: Blast kills one, rocks small town

A cigarette or static electricity may be to blame for a fatal explosion at an oil facility in this south Jackson County city Sunday night, authorities said Monday, but state officials considered the incident to be an accident.

ABH: Search ends after body found

Investigators searching for a Winterville woman missing since July 2002 found human remains Monday in the general location where her former boyfriend claimed he buried her body more than two years ago, authorities said.