Articles by Keisha Waites


Waites: Applauding legislation to study distracted driving

In 2015 alone, 1,427 Georgians died in automobile accidents. Even more disturbing is the fact that traffic fatalities have increased in our state over the past nine years. These are shocking statistics, but we can preserve the lives of thousands of Georgians by studying the challenges associated with distract driving and crafting comprehensive legislation to keep our roads safe.


Waites: Campus Carry is Expensive and Dangerous

As a member of the Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee, I found it difficult to watch supporters of House Bill 859 speak with such insensitivity and disrespect before the Bishop family, who are the parents of one of the victims from the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting. Similar legislation was proposed in 2014 with HB 512, but, in my opinion, HB 859 is far worse. At some point common sense should prevail.