LGE ditching monthly $10 surcharge refund

LGE Community Credit Union is ditching its monthly $10 surcharge refund when using non-LGE ATMs, the financial institution said today.

“Although we will no longer be able to offer the monthly $10 surcharge refund when using non-LGE ATMs, there are still many money-saving ways to get the cash you need,” LGE said in an email. “You can visit any LGE ATM, or simply request cash back when making purchases with merchants; most merchants do not charge a fee.”

LGE said there are more than 1,000 non-LGE ATM locations in Georgia and 60,000 nationwide that will not charge a fee for the use of their ATM.

In November 2016, the financial institution announced it was updating its website. The subsequent rollout was fraught with complications, prompting so many customer calls, LGE had to bring on additional customer service agents.

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