Atlanta-based transit technology company unveils pair of new solutions

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — An Atlanta-based transit technology company unveiled a pair of new solutions during a recent trade show.

The new offerings from Passio Technologies — a backup camera and an emergency panic button — seamlessly integrate with the company’s mobile data terminal (MDT) and the Passio IncroMAXX platform and provide additional safety measures for drivers with university, municipal and private transportation systems.

Passio demonstrated the solutions during the Mid-South Transportation & Parking Association (MSTPA) 2017 Annual Spring Conference and Trade Show in Knoxville, Tenn. The new additions are available immediately.

The backup camera automatically displays a live, rear-facing video on the MDT when a bus is in reverse. The camera provides a practical safety solution and increased visibility of the bus’s surroundings as the driver backs up and maneuvers a bus. In addition, images can be captured and tagged for later review. They are automatically uploaded to the customer’s web portal.

The panic button provides operators a discreet way to call for help in an emergency situation. The option can be configured to flash CALL 911 on the exterior-only signs, alert a transit system’s main office or directly notify authorities.

The new offerings join a growing range of solutions Passio offers for its IncroMAXX Platform. Existing solutions include automated voice announcements, location-specific LED signs, GPS tracking and passenger counting.

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