Atlanta company launches new app to better track mail operations

ATLANTA — A new offering from Atlanta-based Passio Technologies provides organizations with unparalleled insight into and unprecedented tracking of their internal mail operations.

Passio, best known for its robust passenger and transit technology solutions, developed the new mail app for the campus mail service of a private university in Massachusetts.

The app enables systems to track when and how much mail couriers pick up and deliver from both internal and external sources, including the U.S. Postal Service, sorting facilities and private mailboxes. It also optimizes delivery routes based on a courier’s location and upcoming pickup and drop off points.

“We are always developing right-sized solutions for our clients, and this new app shows how we can customize a solution to fit any organization’s need,” said Mitch Skyer, president of Passio. “The new mail app is the perfect solution for any organization with a campus — whether a school, hospital or corporate environment — to better track deliveries and ensure reliability.”

Passio Post integrates with an organization’s existing GPS platform. Systems also have the option to program pickup and drop off locations for areas where GPS may be unavailable, such as inside a building or a subterranean basement destination.

With the app’s incident reporting functionality, couriers can immediately report incidents, such as wrecks or damaged mail. The functionality automatically alerts the appropriate supervisors in real time.

In less than four years, Passio has partnered with more than 50 municipalities, universities and private companies to deploy customized transit technology solutions aimed at optimizing operations and enhancing the passenger experience. The company’s solutions have been used to count more than 30 million passengers at transit systems across the country.

Passio is a client of The DeFeo Groupe, which publishes

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