Questions the media isn’t asking about the crowd at Trump’s inauguration

Conversation in the media has shifted to comparing how many people attended Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter. Trump was elected, and he is now president, no matter what the delicate snowflakes say.

The media has no issue normalizing the rioting that is happening during “peaceful protests.” But, one question reporters aren’t asking is how many people avoided Washington and the Inauguration because they didn’t want to interact with petulant children who want to cause havoc, not protest.

At the same time, many pundits were quick to criticize Trump for his “dark speech.” What about these hoodlums beating Trump supporters and launching foul-mouthed tirades?

Does that count as an “American carnage?”

After the Inauguration, a Time magazine reporter caused a stir when he sent a pool report saying a bust of MLK was removed from the Oval Office. Itwas 100 percent wrong.

Does the media have no shame. Are reporters no longer embarrassed by major mistakes?

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