Draining the swamp: Transition team members agree not to lobby for five years

Members of President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team — and ultimately his administration — must agree they will not lobby for at least five years after leaving the government.

In addition, team members must terminate their roles as state or federal lobbyists before joining the team.

The announcement is hardly a surprise. Trump has promised to “drain the swamp” in Washington.

“What is going to be very unique about a Trump administration is that not only will people not be able to be registered state or federal lobbyists, but when they leave government, they will be banned from being a registered lobbyist for five years,” Sean Spicer said on a Wednesday evening call with reporters. “Why is that is crucial is that it goes back to Mr. Trump’s goal of making sure that people aren’t using government to enrich themselves and using their service in government to do that.”

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