WorkForceConnexion launches new technology-driven solutions

ATLANTA — WorkForceConnexion said it has officially launched its business with innovative, next-generation recruitment and HR management technology-driven solutions that make the job search experience more cost-effective and efficient for hiring managers and recruiters and less painful for job seekers.

WorkForceConnexion’s new recruitment process outsouring and alternative management search service is the invention of a team of technology-focused entrepreneurs with more than 20 years of experience in the recruiting, search and human resources industry.

“WorkForceConnexion is revolutionizing the job search and recruiting industry with new software-as-as-service (SaaS) technology that will enable recuiters, talent development specialists, and HR managers to match senior professionals with the right positions or projects instantly without the hassle of weeding through positions on job boards or other antiquated platforms,” said Indra Turnbull, president and CEO of WorkForceConnexion. “We augment a company’s internal recruitment resources with high quality recruitment process outsourcing and search capabilities, including job and position-specific matching using our propriety algorithms. We also offer traditional services like detailed candidate profiles, video interviewing, background checks, and payroll/benefits for contract staff.”

WorkForceConnexion identifies, qualifies and matches perspective candidates with internal recruiters so they can focus on high-level interviewing leveraging a cost-effective and efficient annual subscription-based model, eliminating per placement and per user costs all without limitations on the number of candidates presented.

Leveraging the input of more than 250 hiring managers and 1,000 candidates looking for an innovative enterprise-wide recruitment process outsourcing solution, WorkForceConnexion uses algorithms to match structured and unstructured data to achieve optimal matching of candidates to each unique job specification requirements.

For candidates, whether they are are actively looking for a new opportunity or passively monitoring activity in their professional area, WorkForceConnexion’s algorithms ensure they get it right the first time. “I went through the process, was matched to a position and interviewed,” said Stephen Ferguson, Senior Manager of Consumer Knowledge at Georgia-Pacific LLC. “It was the perfect match and I am now pleased to say I am in the right job for me with a great company.”

For hiring managers and recruiters, there are way too many resumes and not enough qualified candidates. WorkForceConnexion attracts thousands of potential candidates who enter their profiles into our exclusive database. Each candidate is asked to rate their proficiency in a variety of hard and soft skills and specific areas of knowledge.

These correspond to skills and specifics the hiring company has specified are critical for the position.

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