Is it a shock that 2016 brought out the worst in people?

This probably isn’t all that surprising, but a new poll found that this year’s presidential race has brought out the worst in people. And, most disapprove of the campaign’s harsh rhetoric.

That’s the upshot of a recent Monmouth University Poll, which also found that “dissatisfaction” rather than “anger” better characterizes voters’ feelings about the federal government.

More than two-in-three American voters (70 percent) say that this year’s presidential campaign has brought out the worst in people. Only 4 percent say it has brought out the best in people.

Another 5 percent say it has done a little of both and 20 percent say it has done neither. Democrats (78 percent), Republicans (65 percent) and independents (66 percent) agree that the 2016 campaign has brought out the worst in people.

Only 30 percent of voters say that the harsh language used in politics today is justified given the current state of the country. Nearly two-in-three (65 percent) say it is unjustified.

“Half of Trump supporters seem to be saying let the expletives fly, but many voters blame both sides equally for the negative tone of this year’s campaign,” Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute, said in a news release.

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