Georgia lawmaker files Georgia Personal Data Security Act

ATLANTA — Georgia Sen. John Albers, R-Roswell, has filed a bill that would require companies and organizations to give notice of a breach of security to any resident of the state of Georgia shortly after the incident is believed to have occurred.

Under Senate Bill 276, notice must be sent to an affected individual and it must include the date of the breach, how data were accessed, what data was believed to have been accessed and the potential harm of the breach with immediate steps for protection and remediation. The Governor and the Attorney General are also to be notified of any security breach that occurs.

“With the rapid advancement of technology, the overwhelming number of personal electronic devices available to consumers today and the push by companies for paperless billing, our personal data is more vulnerable than ever,” Albers said in a release. “My goal with the Georgia Personal Data Security Act is to provide Georgians with the proper notifications and assurance of their secure information.”

The measure now goes to the Senate Science and Technology Committee for consideration.

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