Bring back Milton and Campbell counties in Georgia?

A Georgia lawmaker has pre-filed legislation that would allow voters to decide whether to re-establish Milton and Campbell counties.

State Rep. Brad Ratffensperger, R-Johns Creek, filed House Resolution 964. The General Assembly will decide the measure when the session starts next month.

Milton County was a county from 1857 to 1931 with the county seat located in Alpharetta, while Campbell was a county from 1828 to 1931 with the county seat originally located in Campbellton. Milton and Campbell counties both merged with Fulton County in 1931.

“I authored this resolution because I strongly believe that the voters of the former Milton County area should be able to decide whether they wish to remain within Fulton County or belong to a re-created Milton County,” Ratffensperger said in a news release.. “By taking this step, area taxpayers would have more local control of their policies, taxes and quality of life, and these voters deserve to have that option.”

HR 964 would create an amendment to the state constitution, which would allow for the re-creation of Milton and Campbell counties. The measure would add an exemption for previously existing counties that merged into another county.

Just two Georgia counties remain that were previously merged into another. Milton County covered most of north Fulton County while Campbell County extended across south Fulton County.

Recreating Milton County has been discussed for years.

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