Old Dominion driver earns second place finish during truck driving championship

A driver for Old Dominion Freight Line placed second in the 5-Axle Van Class category during the 77th Annual National Truck Driving Championship.

Bill Hill, a local driver based out of Old Dominion’s Boise (Idaho) Service Center, has been driving professionally for 13 years. He started with Old Dominion in 2006.

“I am thrilled at the opportunity to compete and represent Old Dominion during this year’s National Truck Driving Championship,” Hill said. “It is a fantastic honor to compete alongside the industry’s best, and I look forward to competing again next year.”

Hill first competed in a state Truck Driving Championship in 2012. That year, he was named Grand Champion and notched a first place finish in the 4-Axle Van Class. He was also named the Idaho Rookie of the Year.

A year later, he won first place in the 5-Axle Van Class in Idaho. He repeated as the 5-Axle Van Class winner in 2014 and punched his ticket to the Annual National Truck Driving Championship, held this year in Pittsburgh.

“Bill is a great asset to the Old Dominion family. He is well-regarded by customers and colleagues alike, and we are delighted he represented the company in such a distinguished fashion,” said Sam Faucette, Old Dominion’s vice president of safety and compliance. “The tournament is a great showcase for the industry’s best and helps Old Dominion celebrate our commitment to driver training and safety in a fun way.”

Hill and his wife, Teresa, have two sons, Jake and Luke. He resides in Marsing, Idaho.

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