Governor approves hire of 100 new child protective service workers

ATLANTA — Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has approved the hire of 100 new child protective service workers to assist with a recent influx of cases. The number of reports of child abuse and neglect has significantly increased since the opening of a centralized 24/7 Child Protective Services Intake Communications Center.

“If we do nothing else, we must always do everything in our power to ensure that our children are safe and that they get their best shot at a good life,” Deal said. “Since June of last year, we have seen a 63 percent increase in the number of investigations and family support cases. I saw it necessary to hire 100 new workers, in addition to the 175 included in this year’s budget. No child welfare case should ever lack the attention it so greatly deserves. Supplemental personnel will better equip our state to manage recent demand and help us reach our goal of a 15:1 caseload to caseworker ratio — a nationwide best practice — by 2017.”

Funding for additional personnel will be included in the governor’s amended FY15 budget.

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