Deal: Healing Communities will reduce recidivism, make Georgia safer

ATLANTA — Gov. Nathan Deal today announced the creation of Healing Communities of Georgia, a network that will be comprised of diverse congregations from all faiths working collectively to make their communities safer and reduce recidivism.

Healing Communities will be led by the Governor’s Office of Transition, Support and Re-entry, which the governor created by executive order last year to improve the success rates of former inmates who are returning to their communities after serving their terms. The Governor’s Interfaith Council, which was created by the governor in April of this year to expand upon the state’s criminal justice reform efforts, will play a vital role in developing and growing the coalition of Healing Communities.

“Healing Communities is yet another example of how corrections and faith-based institutions can work toward common outcomes — protecting our citizens and our economy,” Deal said in a statement. “Congregations can provide invaluable perspective and experience on challenges to re-entry in their local communities. I am confident that if we work as a team and open up lines of communication, we will increase the number of rehabilitated offenders returning to the workforce and supporting their families.”

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