Bill revising reporting procedures for public school athletics organizations passes Ga. senate

ATLANTA — The Georgia state Senate on Thursday passed a bill preventing Georgia public schools from interacting with any interscholastic sports body that does not release annual financial statements.

The measure, sponsored by Sen. Charlie Bethel, R-Dalton, passed by a 54-0 margin.

“These organizations are subsidized by taxpayers who deserve to know how these dollars are being used,” Bethel said in a statement. “By requiring the release of comprehensive annual financial reports, we are increasing the level of accountability for all involved in the management of student athletic activities.”

SB 288 amends current law to define ‘athletic association’ as a body that governs, writes rules, sanctions or organizes interscholastic athletic events in which Georgia public schools participate. In order for an athletic association to participate in an interscholastic event, SB 288 requires the annual distribution of the previous year’s financial report to all members. The report must cover all activities and include a summary of assets, liabilities, incomes and operating expenses.

SB 288 now moves to the State House of Representatives for consideration.

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