Marietta, Ga., police solve cold case from 1986

Police in Marietta, Ga., have solved a pair of rape cases that occurred in September 1986, authorities said Monday.

Investigators used DNA evidence that was collected at the scene of the initial crimes, according to a news release. Police have obtained warrants for Antonio L. Brooks, a 44 year old male who is currently serving time at the Lee State Prison in Leesburg, Ga., for a rape that occurred in Marietta in 1988.

Marietta Police Detectives were contacted in September 2013 by a victim of a September 1986 rape, according to authorities. Detectives reviewed old case files and found two open cases during that time frame where DNA evidence was collected.

A review of the two open rape cases revealed that not only did the DNA match that of Antonio Brooks, but the methodology used in the 1988 rape conviction matched that of the two open cases as well.

Brooks faces charges of rape, aggravated assault and burglary in one case and rape and burglary in the second case. All three incidents were committed within a quarter mile of each other. Marietta Police Detectives are currently reviewing case files from that time frame to see if there are any additional open cases.

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