Invesco executive: International stocks offer opportunity

International markets are “very attractively valued” and may offer better deals for investors in 2014 than domestic offerings, the chief investment officer of the Invesco Global Asset Allocation team said Tuesday.

“The U.S. we think is okay,” Invesco’s Scott Wolle said during a panel discussion. “International stocks are much more attractive in our view.”

That attractive value may signal an issue with each of those markets, Wolle noted. For example, Europe is facing a fiscal crisis while Asia and emerging markets are facing slow growth in their exports, and China is facing a transition from an industrial-driven economy to a consumer-driven economy.

Still, over a longer-term trajectory, investing in foreign markets may be a more prudent approach. But, it will take some patience.

“If you can take a multi-year view for emerging markets and Asia in particular, those markets ought to do very well over a five-year horizon, we think – probably much, much more attractive than what you’ll find in the U.S.,” Wolle said.

Wolle spoke Tuesday before an invited audience of more than 100 financial professionals and business leaders as part of Invesco’s “2014 Global Market Outlook” panel, held at the company’s global headquarters in Midtown Atlanta.

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