Survey: Four in five say Bible is a sacred book

Eighty percent of U.S. adults consider the Bible to be sacred while two-thirds say the Good Book should be taught in public schools, according to a new survey.

“The State of the Bible 2013,” released by the American Bible Society, also revealed 56 percent of American adults say the Bible has too little influence on society while 26 percent say its influence is just right. Only 13 percent said the Good Book has too much influence on society.

Roughly one-third — 34 percent — of those surveyed say teaching the Bible in public schools is extremely important while an additional 32 percent feel it is somewhat important, the survey found. Three in four — 77 percent — say the nation’s morals and values are declining, while 66 percent — including 73 percent of Southerners — say it is important for public schools to teach the values of the Bible.

“While our intention may be to protect students from the influence of ‘other people’s’ religion, the effect has been that we are raising a generation ignorant about the most influential book of all time,” American Bible Society President Doug Birdsall said in a statement.

Nearly nine in 10 adults — 88 percent — say their household owns a Bible. That is down slightly from 92 percent in 1993.

The survey included 1,005 telephone interviews and 1,078 online interviews.

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