Alexander: ‘Train wreck is coming with’ Obamacare

The senior Republican on the U.S. Senate health committee this week said Americans should be concerned about the continual delays in implementing Obamacare.

“I’ve been warning that a train wreck is coming with this law, but the truth is that no train wreck has ever had this many warning signs,” U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., said in a statement. “The avalanche of last-minute delays should make every American anxious about the quality of the health care they’ll be able to purchase in October and the security of the information they’ll have to provide—proving again that this law must be repealed so that we can pass step-by-step reforms that transform the health care delivery system by putting patients in charge, giving them more choices, and reducing the cost of health care so that more people can afford it.”

The Obama Administration has delayed until mid-September  signing final agreements with insurance plans to be sold on the health insurance exchanges starting Oct. 1, according to Alexander’s office.

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