Georgia: Muscogee corrections officers face contraband charges

The Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice announced more felony arrests, staff resignations and terminations at a DJJ detention facility as a direct result of the Commissioner’s “ongoing statewide crackdown to rid the agency of any internal corruption, white collar crime, or policy violations that might threaten the integrity of the DJJ Mission.”

Commissioner Avery D. Niles announced the arrest of Juvenile Corrections Officer (JCO) Anthony Harvey of the Muscogee Youth Development Campus (YDC) on felony charges of Crossing the Guard Line with a Controlled Substance (Contraband) and Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana and misdemeanor charges of Violation of Oath of Office.

Niles also announced the pending arrest of Muscogee YDC Juvenile Corrections Officer Keith Spruills. Spruills faces felony charges of Crossing Guard Lines with Contraband, felony charges of Introducing Contraband Inside a Juvenile Secure Facility, and misdemeanor charges of Violation of Oath of Office.

The Commissioner said both JCO Harvey and JCO Spruills have been placed on immediate Suspension without Pay. Warrants were obtained today.

“We are wasting no time recommending criminal prosecution wherever evidence is found and prosecution is warranted to remove officer misconduct from our ranks and to protect Georgia’s youth in detention,” Niles said in a statement. “And I promise the agency will continue to fast-track administrative and criminal corrective measures wherever a need is found to combat internal corruption and wrong-doing.”

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