Isakson: ‘No budget equals no discipline’

ATLANTA — Saying “no budget equals no discipline,” a senator from Georgia this week renewed his push for a biennial budget

“Many of my constituents asked me, ‘How can you operate without a budget?’ My answer is that no budget equals no discipline, and the result has been reckless federal spending and a $15 trillion national debt,” U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., said in a Monday news release.

“The federal government should ask of itself only what it forces upon all of its people,” Isakson added. “It is time that we stop redundant, wasteful spending and start prioritizing our expenditures and conducting oversight. When we do this, America will be better off, we will reduce our debt and we will return to days of greater prosperity and absolute accountability.”

Isakson is a sponsor of S.211, also known as the Biennial Budget Appropriations Act, which would require the president to create a two-year budget at the start of Congress’ first session.

During that first session, according to Isakson, Congress would approve the two-year budget and any required reconciliation and appropriations bills. During its second session, Congress would consider any needed authorization bills in addition to overseeing federal programs, Isakson has said in the past.

“Right now, we go back to appropriate year after year but never look at justifying what we spent the year before,” Isakson said. “I say to the people of Georgia and the people of America: I expect of myself and our government at least what is mandated upon you. It is time for Washington to be accountable for its spending—that means appropriating tax dollars in a balanced and disciplined way and never going a thousand days without operating under a budget.”

The measure, introduced last year, was referred to a Senate budget committee.

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