Georgia budget increases 4.5 percent for 2012

ATLANTA — Gov. Nathan Deal on Monday signed a $19.3 billion budget for the 2013 fiscal year, which starts July 1.

The budget represents a 4.5 percent increase of the state’s Fiscal Year 2012 budget, but is still 8.6 percent less than the original budget proposed for Fisacal Year 2009, according to Deal’s office. The Fiscal Year 2009 budget remains the state’s highest budget ever passed, the governor’s office said.

“Together with the General Assembly, we have enacted a budget that holds the line on spending, while investing in the priorities that will contribute to making Georgia the No. 1 place in the country to do business and create jobs – and continue our high quality of life,” Deal said in a statement.

“As I do with general bills, I worked with legislators on the front end to make sure we’d have as few line-item vetoes as possible, and we have succeeded in doing that. I think the best way to eliminate wasteful or inefficient spending isn’t with a line-item veto – which is an important tool – but by never allowing such projects into the budget in the first place,” Deal added. “I commend the General Assembly on its responsible work, which will preserve our coveted AAA bond rating.”

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