GDOT includes recycled tire rubber as alternative to oil-based polymers for asphalt

ATLANTA — The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) has amended the state’s road construction specifications to include recycled tire rubber as an alternative to conventional oil-based polymers for road asphalt production, state officials said.

Recycled tire rubber will be in widespread use as early as the 2012 paving season. Rubberized asphalt roads save money by reducing dependence on oil and will help Georgians reduce waste by recycling millions of scrap tires annually.

“Tires are manufactured in large quantities and with great durability. By reclaiming tire rubber for asphalt roads, we can repurpose that durability and provide a beneficial outlet for this problematic waste material,” state Rep. Randy Nix, R-LaGrange, said in a news release. “By sourcing tire rubber from within the state, Georgia will not only experience environmental benefits but also create jobs. Oil-based polymers are brought here from other states and countries. Recycled rubber is sourced internally, so all dollars stay right here in Georgia.”

Nix served as the vice chairman of the House Natural Resources and Environment Committee.

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