Takes on MLK Day

ATLANTA — Below are a sampling of statements released regarding Martin Luther King Jr. Day:
“With his life he proved that non-violence is an effective way of perfecting social change. His leadership helped propel our nation from the dark and regressive grips of the Jim Crow era to a more enlightened period where the goals of achieving equal opportunity and respect for universal human rights are now becoming more intricately woven into our society.
“The overarching message of his legacy to current generations and generations yet unborn should be that Dr. King's achievements helped make our union a more perfect union. Moreover, his achievements are yet working to ensure the promise of our constitution to protect the rights of all Americans and embrace the goal of freedom and equality for all mankind.”
— U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop, D-Ga.
“As we gather Monday to honor the work of Dr. King and Mrs. Coretta Scott King, we pause to reflect on the struggle against prejudice, hatred and intolerance. May we not forget that Dr. King not only labored in the vineyard to ensure that people of different races were treated fairly — he also toiled to ensure that the poor were respected and that workers of every creed and background were treated justly.
“While we have made great progress, we know there is “A Mission Still to Fulfill.” Once again, we rededicate ourselves to keeping the dream alive and fostering peace and equality.”
— U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga.
“Today we honor the leadership and legacy of a great son of Georgia, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” said Chairman Price.  “Dr. King's life is an example of principled, faith-based leadership that sought to peacefully elevate the cause of liberty and opportunity for all.  His service and sacrifice will always serve as an inspiration for future generations and a pillar of strength for all people who seek to build a better nation and community in which to live and prosper.  It is proper that we remember Dr. King, preserve his legacy, and seek to stand up for the principles of freedom he fought to protect for all Americans.”
— U.S. Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga.

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