Group: Disney isn’t so family friendly

A Washington-based group is calling Disney hypocritical for opposing legislation the Florida legislature is considering the groups says will change gaming laws and make way for destination resorts to be built in South Florida.

“Disney has taken the public position of being morally opposed to gaming, while quietly profiting from the licensing of cartoon characters to online casinos,” Andrew Langer, president of The Institute for Liberty, said in a news release. “Disney's opposition to the construction of new, job-creating destination resorts has nothing to do with protecting Florida's family-friendly image, and everything to do with protecting its own bottom line and stomping out any potential competition. That goes against the basic principles of free markets.”

“Disney recently laid off 1,400 Florida workers, but is earning billions in profits. Now it's spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to lobby against job-creating private investments, at a time when nearly one million Floridians are out of work,” Langer added.

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