Police target aggressive drivers

ATLANTA — Law enforcement authorities this week kicked off a three-day initiative aimed at cracking down on aggressive drivers in and around Atlanta.

“The taskforce’s goal in Atlanta will be to intercept high-risk drivers before they turn that risk into reality,” Governor’s Office of Highway Safety Director Harris Blackwood said in a news release.

“You never know when and you never know where you’ll see blue lights in your rear view mirror,” Blackwood added.  “That’s part of the Thunder strategy too. After the Thunder crackdown, crash locations with high injury and fatality rates will continue to be targeted with concentrated patrols and roadchecks.”

The Thunder Taskforce, a specialized traffic enforcement that aims to help municipalities throughout Metro Atlanta fight a high number crashes, injuries and deaths on local roads with high traffic volumes, kicked off its work Thursday. Its stepped-up patrols run through Saturday.

The task force is tasked with reducing highway deaths and serious injuries. They intend to do so by introducing a high visibility law enforcement presence to help stabilize the extreme and illegal driving behaviors of careless motorists who cause those crashes.

Authorities want to show a significant reduction in traffic fatalities and injuries during the three-day initiative.

Authorities statewide are also stepping up patrols for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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