Reed: Occupy protesters can remain until Nov. 7

ATLANTA – The Occupy Atlanta protesters who have taken over Robert W. Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta can remain until the adjournment of the next city council meeting on Nov. 7, Mayor Kasim Reed said.

“Civil disobedience is an appropriate form of expression, provided that it is peaceful, non-violent and lawful,” Reed said in a statement. “As of today, the Occupy Atlanta protesters continue to assemble in a peaceful, non-violent fashion in Robert W. Woodruff Park.”

Reed previously set the adjournment of this evening’s city council meeting as the deadline for protesters to vacate the park.

“I remain committed to ensuring public safety and enforcing the laws of the city,” Reed said. “The Atlanta Police Department and other city officials continue to monitor the park and the protesters.”

Protesters could be asked to leave the park if conditions change, the mayor said.

“I am also cognizant of the concerns of neighboring businesses and residents about the effect of the protesters’ activity on the park and the surrounding area,” Reed said. “The protesters cooperated with the city’s request to clean the park on Saturday; city crews pressure-washed the park’s hard-surfaces and removed litter and debris.

“The city will continue to maintain the park during the demonstration,” the mayor added. “My administration also will work with Occupy Atlanta members to minimize noise levels after 9 p.m. as a courtesy to downtown residents.”

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