Price: ‘We must offer relief to the millions of struggling Americans’

President Obama’s Thursday speech made “it clear that the White House continues to favor rhetoric over results when it comes to addressing the nation’s many challenges,” a Georgia Congressman said.

“This explains why the latest ideas coming out of the Obama Administration are essentially identical to the policies Democrats have experimented with for over two years while millions of Americans lost their jobs,” U.S. Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., said in a news release. “President Obama says he understands there is a jobs crisis in America but he believes it is because Washington is not doing enough spending, taxing, and regulating. This reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of government and a complete misreading of the facts on the ground which clearly demonstrate that Washington is what is holding this economy back.

“…In the coming months, I call on the President to look beyond his carefully crafted rhetoric and seriously consider the positive solutions offered to him from House Republicans,” Price added. “If he is tired of gridlock in Washington, he ought to send the three free trade agreements sitting on his desk to Congress so we can consider them. …We must offer relief to the millions of struggling Americans by getting Washington out of the way of those who can rebuild this nation’s economy and put our neighbors back to work.”

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