Deal: 9/11 ‘reminds us as Americans of our common identity’

ATLANTA — Americans must “remember those lessons so that together we might create a nation worthy of those great Americans who were lost,” Ga. Gov. Nathan Deal said Friday.

“Sept. 11, 2001 is a date that invokes feelings of loss, but it also reminds us as Americans of our common identity, of how we must continue to be a city upon a hill – a beacon of hope and freedom for the entire world to see,” Deal said, according to prepared remarks. “On 9/11, we were unprepared and our weaknesses were exposed, but even there in the rubble, we began to summon the best of America … facing great loss and grave threats we found our strength, we rediscovered bravery anew, we rediscovered the spirit that makes this nation a place that people from every corner of the world dream of coming to in order to begin new lives.”

Added Deal: “We not only remember those lost, but also the families and friends who still mourn. On this occasion, we recognize those who serve in our military, those who travel to dangerous places in the name of freedom and all those at work here in our nation to ensure our safety.”

The governor ordered flags statewide to be flown at half mast through sunset on Sunday.

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