Price: Obama unwilling to play ball on reasonable solutions

ATLANTA — President Obama “has proven unwilling to work with House Republicans on any substantive proposals to begin paying off our debt,” a Republican Congressman charged after the president threatened to veto the “Cut, Cap and Balance” plan.

“This latest veto threat from President Obama shows how irresponsible this administration remains when it comes to tackling these challenges,” U.S. Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., said in a statement. “The President believes that balancing the budget is an unrealistic policy goal. What a reckless position for the President to take. This is an administration that says it wants to do big things. Is getting our debt and deficit under control too much to ask?

“What is unrealistic is to assume we can spend at the levels President Obama and congressional Democrats have over the past few years, amass trillion dollar annual deficits, and still have a vibrant economy that creates jobs,” Price added. “Now that’s unrealistic.”

A resolution to the country’s financial woes will help spur the economy, Price contends.

“The private sector needs to have confidence that Washington will hold the line on spending and not continue down a path leading to higher taxes and more borrowing,” Price said. “If the President disagrees with the solutions we have offered, we welcome a substantive and specific proposal from his administration. Without such a proposal, the President needs to support our common sense plan and then get out of the way of an economy that would have the opportunity to create jobs and grow.”

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