Reports: Ga. speeds unlikely to increase

ATLANTA — Sammy Hagar can't drive 55. But, the next time he's in Georgia, he ought to keep his eye on the speed limit — it doesn't appear as though it'll be increasing any time soon.

As a number of states nationwide look to increase their speed limits, a Georgia state representative says the Peach State shouldn't consider an increase. The 70 mph maximum is just fine in his book.

“When you start comparing Georgia to Wyoming and some other states, it's like night and day,” state Rep. Keith Heard, D-Athens, told WSB-AM.

Speed limits on highways in Georgia vary from 55 mph to 70 mph, the maximum limit on any road in the state. More than a dozen states, including Kansas and Texas, have increased their speed limits above 70 mph; some limits on Texas roads reach 85 mph, reports indicate.

“I'm inclined to leave things the way they are, with texting and all the other things that people are doing,” Heard told Morris News Service.

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