State Sen.: Build trust, remove Ga. 400 toll

Permanently removing the toll on Ga. Highway 400 could inspire trust
among motorists who must endure another decade of the toll, a state
senator from North Fulton contends.

“This is a simple matter of trust. These actions are a perfect example
of why citizens don't trust their government,” state Sen. John Albers,
R-Roswell, said in an op-ed. “While well intentioned, I fear this
ill-fated decision will undermine future transportation funding
efforts and reasonable toll projects.

“If we cannot honor our word and remove the Georgia 400 toll, no voter
on any future toll project will have confidence or trust,” Albers
added. “Make no mistake; future toll roads can be an important
component to relieve congestion for new road construction. Removing
the toll would be a perfect opportunity to rebuild a bond of
conviction between voters and government.”

Despite the fact that officials 20 years ago said a toll on Ga.
Highway 400 would cease in 2011, state authorities in September agreed
to extend the toll for another decade. With the decision by the
Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority, the 50 cent toll will remain
in place until 2020.

At the time, officials say they need the funding to pay for
much-needed infrastructure improvements.

During this year's legislative session, Albers introduced a bill to
end the toll.

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