Deal: Could probationers fill open agriculture jobs?

ATLANTA — There are more than 11,000 agriculture jobs available in
Georgia, according to a new survey conducted by the Georgia Department
of Agriculture, and Gov. Nathan Deal thinks the positions could be
filled by “unemployed probationers.”

“The agriculture industry is the number one economic engine in Georgia
and it is my sincere hope to find viable and law abiding solutions to
the current problem our farmers face,” Deal said in a statement.

According to state officials, 8,000 of the state's 100,000
probationers are in the southwestern part of the state. An estimated
25 percent of those probationers are unemployed, officials said.

“Commissioner Owens is working with Commissioner Black and other state
agencies to connect unemployed probationers — especially those in the
Southwest part of the state — and others who are preparing to reenter
the workforce to employers who are seeking labor,” Deal said. “I
believe this would be a great partial solution to our current status
as we continue to move towards sustainable results with the legal
options available.”

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