Takes on Georgia’s new immigration law

ATLANTA — Gov. Nathan Deal on Friday signed into law a controversial measure that aims to crack down on the state’s illegal alien population.

Here are several takes on the signing:

“Current economic conditions have made it painfully obvious that the state of Georgia literally cannot afford to continue this broken system.”

— State Rep. Matt Ramsey, R-Peachtree City

“Illegal immigration is a complex and troublesome issue, and no state alone can fix it,” Deal said. “We will continue to have a broken system until we have a federal solution. In the meantime, states must act to defend their taxpayers.”

— Gov. Nathan Deal

“During a record economic downturn that has inflicted our state with higher unemployment than the national average, Governor Nathan Deal and state republicans are doing their best to destroy Georgia’s recovery.

“By signing HB 87, the governor has enacted an unfair law that wrecks our agricultural, housing, tourism and poultry industries. Many organizations have pledged to boycott Georgia as a result, causing even further economic damages.

— Democratic Party of Georgia Chairman Mike Berlon

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