Gwinnett County task force to study benefits

Gwinnett County Administrator Glenn Stephens last week appointed a task force of employee representatives to review compensation and benefits costs.

A similar group last year helped Gwinnett County develop this year’s health insurance plans for all employees, officials said.

The task force of 11 employees representing most major county departments — including elected officials like the sheriff, district attorney and the courts — is tasked with studying the impact of declining revenues on the County’s financial position and make recommendations on all aspects of employee compensation. Areas of study will include retirement and insurance plans and policies for holiday, annual and sick leave, among others. Personnel costs represent the majority of many departmental budgets, officials said.

“As governments across the country seek ways to operate more efficiently, the subject of employee compensation and benefits has been front-page news recently,” Stephens said in a news release. “This task force will look at similar issues in our organization and make recommendations that all employees will then help prioritize later this year.”

The task force will present their plan to the County Administrator later this year.

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