Deal appoints liaisons for Atlanta public schools

ATLANTA — Gov. Nathan Deal has appointed liaisons between his office and Atlanta Public Schools, which is in danger of losing its accreditation.

As liaisons, Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams and Atlanta attorney Beth Beskin will attend Atlanta school board meetings and report back to Deal on any progress made during those meetings.

“I am calling on these two leaders to work on behalf of Atlanta’s children,” Deal said in a statement. “This week I met with the members of the Atlanta delegation last week and I will make every effort to ensure that our children aren’t harmed by the adults who failed them.”

AdvancED this week placed the Atlanta school system on probation. To be removed, the school system must meet a number of objectives, including ensuring “that the actions and behavior of all board members
are aligned with board policies,” the organization said.

“The Atlanta Public School System’s Board of Education was recognized as one of the best school boards in the nation just over a year ago,” said Mark Elgart, president and CEO, AdvancED. “The board has an opportunity to recapture what made it one of the most effective and dynamic school boards in Georgia, but only if the board addresses its current issues with dedication and commitment to it’s overall success. If not addressed, these challenges could seriously detract from the district’s educational program and limit the district’s ability to fulfill its mission.”

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