Marietta council votes to tear down building

MARIETTA, Ga. — The Marietta City Council has agreed to spend $90,000 to demolish a partially constructed building.

In March 2007, the city declared that the structure was unsafe and violating city ordinances. In a news release, the city said the owner of the building “did not meet terms of an agreement he signed in Cobb Superior Court to continue work to finish the building.”

“There has been due process. It has gone through two courts and two consent agreements, the most recent was signed by all parties,” Mayor Steve Tumlin said in a news release. “Four quarters have run, and there is no overtime. There is a time when the terms have not been met. The people around there say it is detrimental to their business, and it’s right at the entrance way to our city.”

The city is planning to recover the $90,000 from the building’s owner.

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